Who Are We Called To

Mission And Vision

Rain Church was called by the Lord Almighty to Montgomery County, Maryland.

Rain Church Mission Statement:

To Impact The Earth With Jehovah's Presence Through The Word Of Truth, Worship, And a Life Style That Reflects His True Nature. To Expand His Kingdom Until His Glory Fills The Earth.

Vision Statement: 

To Achieve Our Mission We at Rain Church Will Impact This and Future Generations Through Four Areas of Application:

1. R: Redeem The Lost Through Various Means Of Evangelism Outreach.

2. A: Anoint All That Commit To Living A Life Dedicated To Jesus Christ By The Laying of Hands To Receive The Holy Spirit And Water Baptism.

3. I: Impact This World By Teaching And Training Leaders Through Practical Application How To Impact This Generation For The Glory Of Jehovah

4. N: Nurture All Who Are Part Of The Body Of Christ In Love.